She lies

She’s a heart-breaker,
an empty and neverending road,
she leaves a void anywhere she goes,
she lies so well that makes true all she says,
she just discovered the pleasure that hides in her tales,
you drift in her lies…
The journey just began,
but you’ve got the feeling
that something was lost along the way.
Wasted hours,
useless thoughts,
fallen words,
fake smiles…
take you right back where you started to…

Hangin’ on memories you should’ve left behind,
bitter pain, just find the truth.

Well..I just don’t care anymore,
gotta change,
gotta push you out of my way…

But there you are, standing far,
with those aimless eyes,
staring at the nothingness,

like someone who has too many thoughts,
useless and importants at the same time
and everything that you believed loses shape,
you see your faith fall into pieces…

She’s killing you inside,
kidnapping your soul.

So now take my distant and aching cries
‘cause I don’t need them anymore,

forget all I’ve said, I can’t help it.



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