Loosing my mind

It’s raining outside. Me under the shower. Water flows, from my head to the feet, its warmth invades me and I feel fine. I close my eyes, pass my fingers through the drenched hair.
Water flows, I let it slide on the body while I dream, I hold the breath to seize the slow rustle, I lose myself in its monotony of sounds, and I’m not breathing.
Water flows, I open my eyes and I’m still here, but everything’s hanging once again.
Close the valve. Now it’s over. Now nothing slides anymore, anxieties lay still and it’s not easy to dry them like drops.
The untenable insecurities carry me away and hinder me to think, I’m rational no more, soul is exhausted, she rests, and slips away…
What is left for me now? My silly mind? Who knows…it’s superficial and sham by now, nothing is true, nothing is real, nothing is and nothing will be.
And I don’t believe, I don’t need to, there’s no void.
What do I have left now? Have I lost myself? Where? Take me there, take me to the place and at the moment in which I lost the last piece of me…
I keep on slipping away, from everything, from you, from me…



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