Slow motion

Won’t you stay here still?
The whole world spins and I feel like stopping now,
No need to hurry, just slow the ride and let me know
If this is the right road that I’m on.

Takes short time to realize
that everything can change in a blink of an eye,
What scared me before makes me stronger this time,
And rainy days shine brighter than a lie.

Can’t you see how peaceful it all appears
if you’re not in the twirl?
I know it all keeps running
But I just don’t want to move,
So stay by my side,
‘cause I’d like to see as everything flows
Leaving us out of this game.

I’d appreciate every quiet moment
I’ll be gifted,
Astonished by the silence regarded
Amongst all the noise and rush
Wishing the bliss lasts.



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