Putting the make up  it’s like adopting a mask
Cover your face, lipstick and blush
Care for an image it can’t be attacked,
Under that shield you feel so relaxed.

Taking advantage of what you have seen,
Stealing abilities you try to be keen
Realizing no qualities are stored into you
Although for so long you thought it was true.

Still’s not enough for me to believe
That the soul that you sell is perfectly clean,
‘Cause at the end of the day
Your image is clear,
In front of the mirror the mask fades away
And fall all the lies you said in a day.

Useless the roles you’ve chosen to play
Empty the box of opinions you’ve bought,
Friends are not friends ‘cause you trick them as well
Beauty is a lie, you can’t run for it.

Wishing forever to feel fine in your shoes,
Digging the dirt down under the truth,
Fully insecure, constantly need to be approved
While it would be easier if you were able to choose.



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