Lost Time

How many things you find to do and you happen to be up to when you’re busy with more important issues.
On the other hand, when you finally have the time you were wishing and waiting for so long, you just find out that everything you can do to finally spend that time as you please is so boring and you just don’t feel like anything. You just wish you could find a way to occupy your life from now on.
If you think about it there are many ways you can do that, deep in your mind you know that you’re burdened with big troubles you don’t want to deal with now, enjoying this moment of gloomy temporary emptiness.

Still I don’t think this can be called fully happiness, it’s just how things should be.


2 pensieri riguardo “Lost Time

  1. Dal Film ” La ricerca della Felicità”.

    Fu in quel momento che cominciai a pensare a Thomas Jefferson e alla Dichiarazione di Indipendenza, quando parla del nostro diritto “alla felicità, libertà”,… “e ricerca della felicità”. E ricordo d’aver pensato: “Come sapeva di dover usare la parola “Ricerca”? Perché la felicità è qualcosa che possiamo solo inseguire… e che forse non riusciremo mai a raggiungere,… qualunque cosa facciamo.
    Come faceva a saperlo?


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