I’ll lend you my thoughts

if I can borrow your eyes.

This soul locked in here

resists to the fight.

Hiding away

to escape from the trap,

mysterious forces overcome

my spirit torn apart.


A glass dome restraints

the words that I’d scream,

you won’t ever hear

the pain that I feel.


Truth’s knocking on my door,

how long ‘till I cry?

Should I dig it out,

or just leave it behind?

In a blink of an eye

what we’ve always been

comes out of the darkness,

my soul is revealed.


And even when I hit the road you walk

the clock seems reverting all the time,

we never meet each other on this path

but behind me I can see there’s no way back.

There’s a charming spell burdening me,

I can’t recall since when it has been here,

a never-ending feeling binds me to you

I’ll follow it until I don’t break through.


Do you really want this?

Can you see it clearly?

Still I don’t know why

This thought won’t let me lie,

I’ll follow my persecutor ‘till I die.



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